Room rentals and catering services

The Golden Circle has facilities available for rent to the public and offer in house catering services.

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Rental Opportunities

The Golden Circle facilities are available for rent to the public for meetings and/or special events. Catering is available with a wide range of different meal options for your gathering.

We currently have 5 areas available to rent for meetings, special occasions, events, etc. See below for rental options, rates and conditions.

Rental Damage Deposit

No alcohol at your event: $325.00.
Alcohol at your event: $500.00

Note: If you are serving alcohol, you will require a separate alcohol license, which must be purchased in advance at your local liquor control location.

All Renters must provide proof of Special Event Liability Insurance of no less than $2,000,000.00 coverage with The Circle of Red Deer Seniors Society named as an additional insured with respect to each booking.

Rental Options & Rates

All weekend or statutory holiday rentals will automatically be charged a $100 facility cleaning fee.

Helen Erickson Board Room

Rate: $25.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 12

Roy Simpson Lounge (Main Dining Room)

Member Rate: $55.00 per hour
Non-Member Rate: $65.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 120

Meeting Room 1

Rate: $25.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 30

Meeting Room 2

Rate: $25.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 45

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Rate: $40.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 75

Coffee Shack

Rate: $25.00 per hour
Seating Capacity: 30

Additional items available for rent

Piano: $25.00
RSL Audio Only: $40.00
RSL Full Audio Visual System: $80.00
Tablecloths: $5.00 each
Napkins: $0.75 each

Room Rental Request

Submit your request for a rental online and we will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Schapansky at [email protected] or 403-343-6074 .

Catering Menu

Catering is available in house for meetings, events, or any room rentals.


All Breakfasts served with coffee, tea, and juice (apple, orange, or cranberry).

  • Continental
    Assorted fresh baked muffins, pastries, croissants and yogurt.
    *price is per person
  • Sunrise Buffet
    Pancakes, bacon or sausage or ham, hashbrowns, yogurt and fresh pastries.
    *price is per person
  • Deluxe Buffet
    Pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, yogurt and fruit salad.
    *price is per person


  • Scrambled Eggs
    *price is per person
  • Bacon
    *price is per person
  • Sausage
    *price is per person


All Lunches served with coffee, tea, and water.

  • Soup & Sandwich Buffet
    Sandwiches: Roast beef, ham, pastrami, egg salad and tuna salad.
    Soup (Choose 1): Chicken noodle, beef barley, broccoli cheddar, minestrone, smoked corn chowder, potato bacon or clam chowder.
    *price is per person
  • Hot Lunch Buffet
    All options made in house.

    Lasagna – $18 per person
    Beef or Chicken Pot Pie – $14 per person
    Beef Dip with au jus – $15 per person
    BBQ Pulled Pork – $14 per person
    Pizza with 3 toppings – $12 per person

    Sides (Choose 1): Garden salad, Caesar salad, coleslaw, macaroni, honey carrots or chef’s choice vegetables.
    Desserts (Choose 1): Black Forest cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding or fruit pie.


All Dinners served with coffee, tea, and water.

  • Dinner Buffet
    Main Dish (1, or 2 add $4.50 per person)
    Butter chicken with naan
    Pork loin with apple compote
    Roast beef with gravy
    Baked honey ham
    Salmon with tarragon
    Chicken hunter with mushroom & onion
    Chicken with lemon garlic sauce
    Lasagna, made in-house
    Braised beef

    Sides (Choose 1, or 2 add $3 per person)
    Roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, macaroni salad, potato salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, coleslaw or chef’s choice vegetables.

    Desserts (Choose 1, or 2 add $3 per person)
    Black Forest cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, German chocolate cake, sticky toffee pudding, banana cream pie, coconut cream pie or lemon meringue pie or chocolate raspberry mousse.

    *price is per person


  • Memorial Service Lunch
    Assorted sandwiches & wraps, veggie tray with dip, assorted dessert squares, coffee, tea, juice and water.
    *price is per person
  • Taco Bar
    Soft & hard tortillas, taco beef & chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, salsa and sour cream.
    *price is per person


  • Cold Appetizer Tray
    Meats, cheeses, crackers, rolls, bruschetta, veggies and fruit with dip.
    *price is per person
  • Hot Appetizer Tray
    Mini pizzas, chicken fingers, egg rolls, chicken wings and potato wedges.
    *price is per person
  • Assorted Meat Tray
    *price is per person
  • Veggie Tray (with dip)
    *price is per person
  • Fruit Tray (with dip)
    *price is per person
  • Dessert Tray
    *price is per person
  • Fresh Baked Muffins
    per dozen
  • Homemade Cookies
    per dozen
  • Fresh Donuts
    per dozen
  • Fresh Pastries
    per dozen


  • Coffee
    100 cups
  • Coffee
    50 cups
  • Coffee
    10 cups
  • Tea
    30 cups
  • Juice
    *price is per person

There’s something here for everyone.

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