Enriching lives
Nourishing souls.

In the community, for the community since 1977.

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Get to know the Golden Circle

Since 1977, the Centre has provided programs, activities, information, resources and outreach for older adults, their families and caregivers.

For over 45 years, the Golden Circle Senior Resource Centre has been redefining what it means to embrace the golden years with joy, purpose and a whole lot of heart.

Our roots trace back to 1958 when the need for a dedicated recreation center for seniors in Red Deer was recognized. With humble beginnings, a beloved meeting spot was born, sparking the vision for something more.

In 1975, the Kiwanis Club took the lead in a $100,000 project, forming a diverse committee with the City of Red Deer, and more. Securing a prime site and a construction grant marked key milestones. Construction commenced in 1976, and after meticulous planning, including Red Deer’s inaugural telethon, “the Golden Circle” emerged out of a community contest as the perfect name.

On April 28, 1977, our doors officially opened! Fast forward to 2009, major renovations refreshed the center, ensuring its continued vibrancy.

Today, over 45 years since inception, we stand as a thriving hub for older adults, fostering a legacy built on community, dedication, and golden moments.

Board of Directors

The Golden Circle are fortunate to have an exceptional group of people to serve as our Board of Directors.

Our Directors oversee the governance of the organization and act in good faith with the best interest of the Golden Circle and members in mind.


  • Craig Curtis, Board Chair
  • Milt Williams, Vice Chair
  • Bob Irwin, Treasurer
  • Linda Liptak, Secretary & Past Chair


  • Bill Alm
  • Helen Curry
  • Doug Handford
  • Doug Janssen
  • Kim Mortimer
  • Shirley Thomas
  • Greg Wells
  • Clem Wong

Meet the Team

Executive Director

Amber Mack

Program & Volunteer Coordinator

Megan Schapansky

Office Administrator

Erin Sinclair

Food Services Coordinator

Tanya Raven

Food Service Assistant

Josh Stolar

Food Services Attendant

Carol Walter

Outreach Team

Our Outreach Coordinators are here to help connect you with the right services at the right time as well as support the caregiver.

Outreach Coordinator

Veronika Varvaruk

Outreach Coordinator

Loretta Gillingham

Outreach Coordinator

Andrew Braden

Red Deer County Outreach Coordinator

Gemma Pippy

Rural Outreach Coordinator

Tammy Norris

Senior Outreach Coordinator & Elder Abuse Program Coordinator

Terri Anderson

Community Outreach Coordinator

Sarah Kolibab

Social Prescribing Project Link Worker

Maureen McCauley

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