Leaving a Legacy

The Golden Circle holds a special place in the hearts of many, Leaving a Legacy will outlast your lifetime and touch the lives of future generations.

Three smiling women playing cards at the Golden Circle

What is Leaving a Legacy?

The purpose of Leaving a Legacy is to establish an opportunity for donors to give a gift to benefit the Golden Circle, its members, and the community; either currently or in the future. Leaving a Legacy will help us ensure that the Golden Circle will continue to meet the needs in the community through its programs and outreach services.

Many members of the community have the desire to demonstrate their strong commitment to the Golden Circle by being provided with the opportunity to reflect that commitment in their Will, or by some other gift.

Leaving a Legacy is intended to be separate and distinct from all other Golden Circle funds. It is, however, intended that money from legacy gifts can be used to cover regular and ongoing operational requirements of the Golden Circle, as well as to ensure all members of the community have affordable access to programs and services.

How to Give

Contributions to Leaving a Legacy can be made at any time, and in various ways. Participation is convenient and flexible. The choice is yours.

When you decide on one or more of the options outlined, we suggest that you seek the advice of your own legal, financial or personal advisors who can help you establish a way to meet your needs.

Contact Us

We look forward to discussing one or more options for Leaving a Legacy with you. You can reach us at 403.343.6074 or via email at [email protected]

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